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Kath Bee - Sharing our waiata

This week Kath Bee visited us. It was two years ago when Kath Bee visited us and wrote our Kohungahunga waiata. This is a song that we sing every morning at hui to start our day. It reminds us of who we are and helps build our sense of belonging to each other as whanau.

When we sung our waiata to Kath Bee she was blown away at our fantastic singing. She was really proud to hear us sing the song she wrote so well. All our practice each day has paid off. We often hear from whanau that they enjoy this song and they ask for the words so whanau can learn them. Waiata is a great way to express ourselves and I hope that this waiata is part of who we are for a long time to come.


Nani Heather

We spent time with Nani Heather collecting the manuka leaves and flowers that you needed to make the oil. Now we have to be manawanui, patient for the oil to brew. 

At Kohungahunga we really value whanau sharing their skills and knowledge with the tamariki and kaiako. These opportunities really enrich the learning for tamariki allowing them to experience something new and today from the world of Te Ao Māori. I wonder if there are other plants that we could make rongoā out of?


Exploring the Great Outdoors at Mayfield Kindergarten

Going on bug and snail hunts is a popular activity here at Mayfield. Our large gardens provide lots of spaces and places to explore. We encourage the children to take care and return all the creatures they find even the snails who eat our vegetables get relocated safely.






The Summer term at Mayfield has been a busy one with two excursions into our local community. The first was to Rapaura School for a tabloid sports day and a chance to see some of our old Kindergarten friends.

Our second was as a part of our 'The way we were' focus where we visited the local Museum to learn about what Marlborough was like in the past. We then held a grandparent day and morning tea where some of the grandparents told stories about Marlborough's history to the tamariki. We also had visiting teacher share  raranga weaving skills with harakeke with us.

We have been investigating  monarch caterpillars and butterflies as a result of a big interest the tamariki have shown while continuing our usual gardening



Planting for the Daltons Sunflower competition

Finally time to plant out our sunflowers for the Daltons Sunflower competition. We prepared the soil with a big drink the day before as it is really dry here in Marlborough already, then a load of our compost. That was a great opportunity to catch up with all the bugs that call our compost home. Then we planted.  Now it will be a matter of keeping them watered. We often use the water out of our water trough to water our gardens - that way it isn't getting wasted. 

I wonder how tall they will grow this year?