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Up to date news and events at Renwick Kindergarten.

Matariki 2017

The children are learning about Matariki, the legends, the 7 stars, waiata and other ways to celebrate the Maori New Year. We will be celebrating again this year down at Rousehill reserve, planting some fruit trees and having some kai back at Kindergarten. 

Kiwi Can

The morning children went down to Renwick school where year 8 students involved with Kiwi Can lead them through different activities.



This term the children have been learning about fermentation. We have done many experiments with yeast, making pizza dough, baking Herman the German friendship bread, growing a Ginger bug and making Ginger fizz. Then Nadia came in and talked to the children about Kombucha and the children are now making their own Kombucha Tea.


We learnt how to wake up yeast, by adding warm water. The children can tell you yeast likes to eat sugar and they know that when it eats the sugar it creates bubbles and gas.

We have seen how the gas can fill up a balloon over a fermenting bottle and the children were able to watch the gas escaping and bubbling from the fermenting grape juice. The children were able to transfer the learning about this process across the different experiments.

We had many whānau come in and share their knowledge with the children, meeting our priority for learning. Whānau are informed about what is happening within the programme, feel they can stay, be involved and contribute, understand their child's learning and extend this at home.


The children were developing their own working theories and meeting another learning priority, children are confident to choose and experiment with materials, play around with ideas, research and develop their own working theories.

Keeping Healthy

This Term the children have been learning about keeping themselves clean and healthy. We had Heidi the oral health educator in and the children are cleaning their teeth at Kindergarten every morning for 4 weeks. We have made a food pyramid, learnt about 5 + a day and exercising to keep us healthy. 


It's a Giant!

Over the holidays our sunflower has grown and grown and grown up past the roof. Children and parents have been amazed. “It’s a giant” one child commented. We were so glad it waited for everyone to return before it flowered. Sarah was very brave and climbed the ladder to measure it. 274cm tall!


This is another experience for children where it has increased their understanding that growing things takes time and during that time we have had to continue showing kaitiakitanga, watering it, feeding it and staking it  because  tawhirimātea was blowing it around.