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Trip to the Resource Recovery Centre and Wither Hills Farm Park



On Wednesday the 29th and Thursday the 30th of January, we walked in small groups to McKendry Park and collected plums from the trees, with the plan to make plum jam!  The tamariki were great at filling up our bags with plums - Some from the ground and some from the trees.

Harvesting the fruit and making jams and preserves or just eating the fresh fruit is a real treat.  It is important to acknowledge the usefulness of gathering fruit as we aim to gain our Enviroschools certification.  Teaching the tamariki about harvesting and not being wasteful with seasonal fruits and vegetables fosters sustainable attitudes which was good for us all.


Road Safety

Today Constable Sue came to visit the tamariki at Springlands Kindergarten to teach them about 'Road Safety'.

Constable Sue asked the tamariki how they knew she was a police woman.  There was a chorus of voices saying "your uniform, it's blue, the checks on your hat".

Constable Sue showed the tamariki the word POLICE that was written across the back of her jacket and the Police emblem on her sleeve.  Having Constable Sue in the kindergarten is helping our children to develop the knowledge about the wider world of work and people who help us in the community, such as the Police.

Constable Sue read a story to the tamariki called 'Clarence the Classic'.  The story explained the different types of traffic on the road.  She also used some large pictures to teach the children about some of the names associated with safe walking along the footpath, such as, gutter, kerb, grass verge and sneaky driveways.

The other pictures showed the different types of traffic on the road, such as cyclists, tractors, trucks, buses, tankers, graders, fire engines, caravans, ambulances, stock trucks, rubbish trucks and police cars that we have to watch out for before we cross the road.