Our Kindergartens

We develop our interests, excite new ones, and encourage growth as individuals

Springlands Teachers

Michael Clark – Head Teacher (Dip Teaching (Primary), Graduate Diploma Teaching & Learning ECE, B Education)

I believe that this time of learning and discovery is the foundation for our future growth.  I am passionate about encouraging learners to explore and contribute their ideas, challenge themselves, take chances, design, create, reflect and refine.

I believe in the richness that each individual brings to our learning journey.  We celebrate this uniqueness of each learner.  These many individual strengths join together to create a rich, vibrant, empowered learning community.  I believe in learning, exploring, laughing and growing together under the umbrella of Te Whaariki.

Cindy Cross - Teacher (NZKU Diploma)

During the last ten years I have taught at Picton Kindergarten as Relieving Head Teacher and at Redwoodtown as a teacher before settling back here at Springlands.

I am a creative people person who is passionate about Art, Music and the great outdoors.

I once slept beside the crater on top of Mt Taranaki and have tramped around the Nelson Lakes, Tararuas and Kaimanawa areas.

One of my most memorable experiences was climbing Ayers rock and flying a kite from the top of it, after hot air ballooning at Alice Springs.

I love to have fun while teaching and enjoy working with our great team of creative and fun-loving teachers at Springlands.

Christina Loye - Teacher (Dip Teaching)

Hi I am Christina Loye and I joined Springlands Kindergarten in August 2015.

I believe the most important aspect of my role as teacher in early childhood is to foster in children a passion for learning and the ability to be a lifelong learner. I believe I do this by making sure that children have opportunities to gain confidence in themselves, physically, cognitively and emotionally, through building a sense of resilience within the child so they know that if they keep trying they will be successful in the things they do.

I believe that early childhood education should be a fun, learning and exciting experience for all children regardless of abilities or additional needs. It is my role to make sure that the child receives a programme of learning that sees them meeting their true potential before they leave kindergarten and head off for future learning at school. I believe I do this by treating each child as an individual and respecting their individual strengths and abilities and interests.

I am passionate about the creative side of teaching – storytelling, music, art, building and generally encouragement to use the child’s imagination. Encouraging imagination stimulates the child’s ability to reason, problem solve and think about what they see and feel around them in the kindergarten environment and in the wider world.

I believe in getting back to nature as much as possible – encouraging children to actively and enthusiastically touch the earth around them, look at the clouds, watch the change in seasons and understand that the world has only a finite amount of resources and that we need to help by conserving these resources as much as possible.

 Gemma Webster - Teacher (Dip Teaching)

I have had the pleasure of teaching and learning alongside young children for the past 10 years and absolutely adore connecting with their unique personalities. For me, teaching young children is about nurture, and I am committed to ensuring I am a secure base for children when in care outside of their own home.

I believe children learn through a variety of real experiences where they are allowed to explore and take part as competent beings. A child’s self-esteem is paramount to later success and I value my role as an early childhood teacher in ensuring children build a strong sense of self within the early years.

One of my favourite teaching tools is music. I have my own personal connection with music through sharing this passion with my Dad from a very young age. A reminder of how early influences can be lifelong! I play ukulele and guitar and love sharing the fun of musical experiences with children.

I look forward to meeting you at Springlands Kindergarten.

Kate Harrison - Teacher (BTchLn, ECE)

Kia ora

I have worked in the Early Childhood sector for 10 years. I have lived and taught in London for two years also, where I learnt so much as a teacher. This time made me appreciate the amazing experiences our tamariki have here in New Zealand. My husband and I have been lucky enough to travel the world and experience many different cultures. We have two young children. As a family we enjoy being outdoors and spend a lot of time at rivers, beaches, parks and exploring our wonderful environment. I enjoy keeping active.

I believe that is important to provide our tamariki with an exciting and inviting environment for them to explore; and as natural as possible. I believe that children need to be able to be challenged and be able to partake in a range of experiences that allow some risk taking. I feel that if we nurture our tamariki and provide a safe and fun environment then our tamariki will thrive and build a sense of belonging and self-worth. 

Jan Ellis - Release Teacher (N.Z.F.K.T.U Diploma, Dip.Teaching (Primary))

Kia Ora, I am Springlands Kindergarten's Release Teacher.  I am committed to a child led learning programme, where children are encouraged to follow their interests.  I am passionate about helping children to realise and grow their physical skills, their mathematical knowledge and to explore the wonders of their imaginations through story telling.  I whole heartedly agree with John F. Kennedy - "Children are the world's most valuable resource and its best hope for the future."

Tara Scott – Administrator/Teacher Aide

I enjoy my varied role at Springlands assisting the teachers as well as providing administration support.