Our Kindergartens


Marlborough Kindergartens, with the support of the Marlborough District Council, are all part of the Enviroschools programme.

The Enviroschools programme supports teachers to look at the bigger picture of how to foster a generation of people who instinctively think and act sustainably.

Although every kindergarten's journey is unique and starts small, gathering strength and breath within the learning programme. What is common is the teacher’s support of children to have knowledge and skills built around real and relevant topics in their community.

As a parent you will see water collection tanks, animals, recycling, mud, dirt, insects, bugs, plants, gardens, health and wellbeing programmes, children thinking, asking, questioning, caring and doing.

Within all of this will be a main focus around all things that make the people and place of Aotearoa New Zealand, special and worth knowing and caring about.


Currently our Kindergartens have achieved the following awards:

Mayfield - Silver Award

Picton - Bronze Award

Redwoodtown - Bronze Award

Renwick - Silver Award

Seymour - Bronze Award

Springlands - Bronze Award

Witherlea - Bronze Award

For more information on the Enviroschools programme, visit their website here.