Our Kindergartens


Our mission is to provide a stimulating and challenging environment where children can learn through individual exploration with and alongside others.

Our children enjoy a richly resourced and expansive play environment both inside and out.

We have a strong focus on the development of children's social and emotional competence.  Helping children transition from the home environment to readiness for school with a strong sense of who they are, their strengths, their ability to thrive in the learning environment and be a valued member of the community.

Children's interests and ideas are recognised and included into the daily programme.

Teachers strive to provide an environment where families are supported and feel at home.

We have a passion for all our country has to offer us and we bring the children together to celebrate and experience the culture of Aotearoa. We love to explore the diversity of the world around us through learning about other countries and cultures.

Our focus on healthy lifestyles is supported by the Heart Foundation's Healthy Heart programme and the Marlborough District Council's Enviro-schools education programme. We are proud to have been awarded the Heart Foundation's "pa harakeke - Flourishing" top award.


Children can be enrolled for the following sessions (or a combination of sessions) dependent on availability

Contact the Kindergarten to discuss which hours would best suit your child/family/whānau

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

8:15am to 2:45 pm 

Friday 8:15 am to 12:30pm

As teachers we are serious about our work and teaching responsibilities without being serious about ourselves.  We find ways every day to laugh and live life alongside the children with humour, frivolity and passion.