Our Kindergartens

We develop our interests, excite new ones, and encourage growth as individuals


Springlands Kindergarten is an environment where akonga - learners, nga kaiako- teachers and whanau come together as a community to share in knowledge, understanding, play and exploration.

It is a place of learning and discovery, an inclusive and equitable environment where we build connections and understandings in partnership with family and whanau; where open ended relationships between akonga, nga kaiako and whanau are central to learning and growth.

In this place childhood is sacred, play and exploration are central, akonga respect and support one another – through word, thought and action – awhinatanga.

Ideas flow from our minds, shaped by the trust, respect and peace from our hearts. We work and share freely together – allowing our minds, hearts and hands to share richly in the enjoyment and curiosity in our play.

At Springlands Kindergarten, we continue to develop our interests, excite new ones, and encourage growth as individuals.

Laughter as well as rich authentic conversation can be heard throughout the kindergarten.

Akonga will be supported and valued. All will be free to be the miracle they are intended to be.

Our rich, supportive, stimulating and inclusive environment reflects who we all are, allows us to take risks, accept challenges, and step beyond our comfort zone – manaakitanga.


Children can be enrolled for the following sessions (or a combination of sessions) dependent on availability

Contact the Kindergarten to discuss which hours would best suit your child/family/whānau

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

8:15am to 12:45pm or
8:15am to 2:45 pm 

Friday 8:15 am to 12:30pm